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The Complex of Secondary Vocational Schools no 1 in Dębica is seventy years old. It was established in 1938 as a Private School of Mechanical Technology. It was an educational project in a government plan of setting up a big industrial centre in the south of Poland. About 100 students started their first year of education then. Today, in 54 classes there are 1445 students. Those numbers indicate that the school is one of the biggest not only in the county of Dębica but also in Podkarpacie province.

The complex consists of the following types of schools:

  • Lyceum of general/theoretical education with sports profile
  • Lyceum of theoretical and vocational education (profiles: social work, transport, information management)
  • Technical School (profiles: mechanics, telecommunication, construction, car mechanics, electrical technology, information technology)
  • Basic Vocational School (profiles: car mechanic, floors/tiles fitter, painter and wallpaper fitter, construction labourer, machine operator, electrician, dressmaker)
  • Additional Theoretical Lyceum (after Basic Vocational School)

There are 151 teachers employed in the school and 33 people comprise administration and service personnel. School grounds cover the area of 6 hectares and apart from the school building itself the premises include workshops, students' hostel (dormitory), 3 gyms, a sports stadium with a football pitch and courts. The school is also an active examination centre for theoretical and vocational exams. There are modern classrooms for specific purposes in the school equipped with high quality devices. They include 5 computer classrooms, a classroom with numerically controlled machines and a library with multimedia centre. On 6th April the school was named after John Paul II. In the hall there is a sculptured bust and a memorial board of our Pope. Teachers and students set up a "memory chamber" where a lot of exhibits connected to the patron saint can be seen. A Patron Saint Day is a school tradition. It's celebrated annually on 16 October. Apart from that, every month some teachers organize meetings devoted to John Paul II. We are the member of John Paul II Schools Family, we take part in pilgrimages, meetings and gatherings. We organize knowledge competitions about JP II life and work.